She’s a Paper Human

She doesn’t know where she start to care,

She doesn’t know when it start, that she always smile when you smile,

that she feel sad when you look sad

She doesn’t have any idea how a strong woman like her suddenly forget to guard her wall,

that the she always let the wind blow her to find you..

She doesn’t know, she doesn’t know..

till this already become pain.

till her tears would come down whenever she thinks about you

yes, she misses you that much

But she’s afraid of the wind..

Just like a paper human,

that you won’t notice..

just like a paper human,

that don’t know where to go,

just waiting for the wind to blow her to your arms..

She’s just afraid,

because this time, she only needs a blink of an eye to fall in love with you,

It frightened her,

It’s been years since she could feel like this way..

She thought that she can never love someone like this again,

She’s afraid this is just an illusion..

Falling in love should be a grace,

But now she is too afraid, coz usually fallin’ in love will just end at being apart..

She’s a paper..

That trying to stop the wind which makes her keep coming to you..

She doesn’t wanna be a dust that will make your life harder…

She doesn’t wanna let you know, she’s afraid you will think this as a joke..

So here she is..

just being a paper human, watch you from afar..

trying to stop the wind..

Bandung, May 28th 2017

Installasi Web server (apache-php-mysql)

Hei ho, ini adalah dokumentasi installasi web server, caranya mudah sekali. 3 komponen utama yang kamu perlukan untuk membuat sebuah web server adalah :

1. Web server Apache

2. php

3. database server yaitu mysql

yum install httpd

yum install php

yum install mysql

yum install mysql-server

yum install php-mysql

Jalankan service nya :

service httpd restart

service mysqld start

chkconfig httpd on

chkconfig mysqld on

Thanks to :

The Importance of Greetings in Japan

Greeting is really important in Japan, it’s better than smile. They have a term that called “isatsu”. Even if u live in a dorm, it’s a MUST !

some of foreigner student being ditegur by their Dorm manager because never isatsu whenever go out the dorm or get back to the dorm. These are some greetings that you should do :

General greeting : Ohaiyo Gozaimasu, Konnichiwa, Konbanwa,

Office greeting : Otsukare Samadesu

Good bye : Oyasuminasai

After eat : Gocisho Samadeshita

Get out : Ittekimasu !

Answer : Ittedasai

Get back home : Tadaema

Answer : Okkaeri


General :

When you meet someone new : Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu

Make an excuse : Sumimasen

Saying sorry : Gomenasai

Thank you : Arigatou Gozaimasu

Mempersilahkan : Douzo


Hamamatsu, April 1st 2014


Things you should learn from Japanese

1. Greetings

2. Clean and Tidy

Brush teeth after lunch in office

3. On time

I always see my watch while waiting for a train and it never miss a minute !

4. Quickly ! Quickly !

Japanese walk very very fast! No, it’s not a hiperbole. I should take a  little run to be same at japanese woman walk.

They look always busy

5. Productive

They look always busy. So the rule if you wanna make an appoinment to Japanese are don’t mention the time. They will just open their schedule and say which time they will be free to meet you.

6. Privacy

This one is the best Japanese culture that I love !


Hamamatsu, April 1st 2014