Live Laugh Love

Live Laugh Love

Live Laugh Love

Live, laugh, love. Sometimes you need to be more alive. Laugh with your friends or even just by your self. Sing a love song, just to make your self feel better, and it will be so much better if u can make the others feel that way. Just like when you love someone, u will feel more alive when he/she is around, so are these songs. I’m just truly madly falling in love with them :

1. Sting – English Man in New York

2. The Beatles – Yesterday

3. Fly me to the moon (Jason Mraz version, Lisa Ono version, Jazz version, Bossa nova version)

ah this song, no matter what version, hosnestly,i could fall in love only with the instrument :p

4. The Beatles – I will

Yeah, they are the most i love. But i’d like too to share you my favourite love songs, need a good love song reference for the loved one,  maybe? 🙂

1. McFly – It’s All About You

2. Plain’s White – 1234

3. Adam Sandler – Grow Old With You

4. The Beatles – Here, There and Everywhere

5. The Carpenters – Close to you

6. Frente – Bizarre Love Triangle

Well then, just sing it to somebody you love 🙂


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