Dita and friends – Javanese Folk Songs Cover

Hi everyone, finally i’ve convinced my self to begin uploading my music video show.

I start with the Essential Brawijaya University 2013 Acoustic Festival we brought 2 songs, Manuk Dadali and Jaranan. We named the group as ” Dita and Friends”. The personels are Dita Oktaria (vocal), Irwan Andriyanto (keyboard), Ryan Hendy Septianto (Bass), Mochamad Arief Satriajaya (guitar), Gilang Domisilafa (guitar), Syafruddin Agustian Putra (cajon). We come from different groups and met only for this event.

Jaranan is a folk song from East Java. Music arrangements by Mochamad Arief Satriajaya (guitar), we give a little taste of jazz here. Here’s the Jaranan video

and then Manuk dadali is a folk song from Western Java. We mixed both keroncong and bossanova. Here’s the Manuk Dadali video

Really hope that you could enjoy it and wait for the next video.Β  Visit my twitter page http://twitter.com/diokk for the latest updates. Criticism and suggestions would be very helpful anyway. Thank you πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Dita and friends – Javanese Folk Songs Cover

  1. I was amazed by your ability to multi-language

    the best traditional song for cultural indonesia.
    first from east java and the second from west java.
    i ask permission this song to editable for conserve cultural of Indonesia.
    i hope someday can cooperation with you and my team to create theme songs.
    together we can shinning traditional & cultural Indonesia to the world.


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