About Dita Oktaria

Born in October, 2nd 1992. Start from junior high school when her art teacher found her ability to sing, she began to explore her skill and opportunity. She was a singer and made a song cover project with her friends that you can found at her soundcloudcloud http://soundcloud.com/ditaoktaria and her youtube at http://youtube.com/ditaoktaria. Beside being informatic engineering student at Brawijaya University, she’s also a dubber at DGMaxima for Kukurockyou Animation Film. She enjoyed to do a lot of activities.

But now she leaves her music life and gives a lot concern in her study, Computer Science. She’d been being deeply fallen in love with it. She give most of her time to learn more and more about computer science, especially network and multimedia. She works at PPTI Brawijaya as member of Multimedia Division. She will be glad if you ask to discuss about network and multimedia, she’s exploring that field.

She has left her work in Brawijaya. Right now, she’s studying in Magister Information Technology at Institut Teknologi Bandung, West Java.

She’s also opening Online Shop Store based in Malang named @MOPPETSTOREID
Please take a look at her prouduct! They’re so adorable!



One thought on “About Dita Oktaria

  1. )y(
    kembangkan terus potensi dalam dirimu.
    aku yakin banyak potensi yang belum keluar dalam dirimu.
    teruslah belajar, karna proses pembelajaran tak hanya di bangku sekolah & kuliah, melainkan di bumi ALLAH yang luas ini.

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